Saturday, May 24, 2014


Coffee pots for my coffee shop.

I framed up a couple of intaglio print and ink collaged coffee pots for the wall of my local cafe this week  There is printed music on the pots which you can't see on these images as the pictures were taken after framing ... so not the best. Creating coffee pot images while listening to ABC Classic FM was a nice respite from budget politics.
Coffeepot 2
Coffeepot 1

Music on the coffeepot (just visible!)


Liz said...

I love them both - they remind me of very old silver coffee pot given to me by my mother when she was travelling around a bit too much and gave away a few precious things. Coffee taking has changed a lot over the years.

acsilver said...

Oh! I wish I could see the closeups of the detail on the coffee pots so I could see the music. They remind me of a Victorian coffee pot we had in stock.