Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Blackwall painting

Autumn light: the wharf at Blackwall
On Tuesday mornings the wharf at Blackwall is very quiet and the long carpark under the trees almost empty. It seems to attract people wanting exactly that quiet. When I arrived with my painting gear two cars were parked near the wharf, the drivers of both locked in an embrace on a backseat.

Although the view is pretty it lacks any focal point but I sketched the wharf  and road and pale autumn sky. Two more painters from the painting group turned up and the people in the amorous cars left.

View north to Woy Woy over Brisbane Waters
I walked down to the other end of the parking area for a different view. Just as I reached it another car sped in and out jumped two young men in very spivvy suits.They hung around a minute or two, then when they saw me setting up my easel they jumped right back into the car and sped off.

Painters are such a nuisance when they take over quiet spots.

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