Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lotus flowers for love

Philip and Cat with Lotus Flowers
Oil on Canvas
50 x 75 cm
Lotus flowers symbolise many things, among them beauty, purity, clarity of heart and mind and, in relationships, love.

I was intending to place this couple on a big lotus flower, but that would have been out of character and a bit twee, so I placed them among lotus flowers instead.

I saw this display of lotus flowers in the wonderful Aboretum Ellerhoop-Thiensen, in Schleswig Holstein north of Hamburg several years ago. The lotus flowers were out when I visited and were a site to see. It is a wonderful place to visit, most definitely worth a detour.

[Arboretum address: Förderkreis Arboretum Baumpark Ellerhoop-Thiensen e.V.Thiensen 4, 25373 Ellerhoop]

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