Thursday, March 06, 2014

Farmhouse 1947

This is a photo of the house where I grew up, taken in 1947. It is in outback New Zealand, the center of the north island. By 1947 the hills had had most of the native bush removed (including wood the house was built from) but there was no electricity. I wonder what the aerial type rod attached to the chimney was for?

The house was a typical basic design:  passage down the middle, bedrooms to the right and living spaces to the left.  My parents added a sun porch where the long windows are and ten years later an extra wing at the front with lounge and a bedroom for my brother, who was the third born of their four children.

There was a family living in a house across the road and the next nearest neighbours were 4 miles further on. We were driven to the school bus stop four miles down the road then we traveled an hour on the bus to school every day. That is a long day for a small child and my report cards show I was absent quite often.

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