Thursday, February 20, 2014

Manus Island

Church sign in nearby Gosford.
Not cowered by a belligerent government.
What do you do when your government becomes inhumane, inhuman? The Australian Government is printing comic books to warn people what is going to happen to them if they dare seek refuge here. They'll be sent to countries where they are at the mercy of marauding crowds of thugs.

People always ask whether the Germans knew about Nazi atrocities during the war and if they did, why they did nothing about it. In Australia we still have the right to express our opinions without being thrown into the camps ourselves and yet we are cowered into silence while our government peddles lies, cheered on by our own marauding thugs. History repeats.

Addendum: after the latest atrocity not everyone is silent. Past prime Minister Malcolm Frazer  has added his voice. (Could we please have him back?)

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