Monday, January 27, 2014

History of gardens

Glimpses through gaps, arches and other apertures make gardens special and in the Hamilton Gardens on the Waikato River there are many such glimpses.The gardens are large and there are wide expanses of lawn and old trees for walking and playing, but the parts that astonish are the culturally specific gardens leading off a central courtyard near the coffee shop.

These gardens are designed to exhibit and explain garden design from different cultures and through the centuries and for garden enthusiasts they are worth a trip to New Zealand to see.

From a central Romanesque courtyard with a fountain different pathways lead to a Maori garden, an Indian Garden, an English garden, an Italian renaissance garden, a modernist American garden, an Italian Renaissance garden, a Chinese scholars garden and a Japanese garden.
American modernist garden

Indian Mogul garden

Bamboo path

Italian Renaissance garden
Maori garden

Japanese garden

Then there is the herb garden, a huge season-tracking sundial ... and I am sure other delights which I didn't quite get to see.

I shall have to return. 

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