Friday, December 06, 2013

Portrait of Deborah (II)

Deborah Humble: new portrait
 In Melbourne recently Deborah Humble told me she liked one of the sketches I did of her a few months ago but not the portrait that resulted. 'I think it looks like Samantha with the twitchy nose in the TV show Bewitched', she said, grasping her own nose with a comical expression.

When I painted the portrait (last winter) I was so pleased with the flesh tones that I didn't really consider whether it was a very true likeness. However, when I came back from Melbourne I decided Deborah was right - it did look like Samantha.  So I took out my brushes again and each day as I passed the painting on the easel, I changed it a bit more. Now it looks like Deborah instead of Samantha.
(Deborah has a wonderful rich mezzo voice. Listen to her sing here.)
(Photo from artshub)

Looking like Samantha
Samantha from Bewitched

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