Monday, September 30, 2013

Old kitchen - new kitchen

Old kitchen - actually it was darker than appears here.
I am still amazed how much difference it has made having a new kitchen. I was undecided until the last whether I needed a new kitchen and almost sent all the boxes back to Ikea when they were unable to do the installation. However I am very pleased I persevered.

New kitchen
These two photos don't really tell the whole story. You can't see that the old kitchen drawers don't work (which is why the cutlery is in jars on the bench top) nor that the cupboards don't shut properly and you probably wouldn't notice that the bench-top is very narrow and much too low for a tall person.

I think it is the height of the new kitchen  bench-top that makes the most difference. Every morning I marvel that I don't have to bend to make the tea. I breakfast at the little bar table I made from the bench-top cut-off, look out over the garden or into the sunny dining room (which is most often a framing or collage work space) and marvel anew.
View from bar table to the garden

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