Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Taking out the old kitchen

He is a pro, the fellow who is dismantling (and rebuilding) my kitchen.... I knew as soon as he put the long yellow spirit level on the bench.  Turns out he is a cabinet maker by trade so he knew exactly what he was dealing with.

He went about his business methodically, levering out the kitchen doors before knocking out the cupboard walls (they had no backs) then taking out the appliances.

These old kitchens were built with the house and it is not so easy to remove them. It took a bit over three hours until the cupboards/appliances/tiles were gone.

Kitchen is looking sad and sorry tonight but tomorrow is another day. The plumber moves the tap and the cabinet maker puts in some plasterboard walls.

Kitchen anyone?

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Liz said...

How exciting to have what will be a total transformation. Kitchen out, kitchen in, and everything back in its place. What a relief it will be.