Monday, June 10, 2013

Simon Tedeschi and Kevin Hunt

Simon Tedeschi and Kevin Hunt play two pianos

Tedeschi and Hunt
Last night Simon Tedeschi and Kevin Hunt played two pianos at the fourth and last concert of the Pearl Beach Festival program. I didn't have high expectations; I was wondering what two pianos could do better than one and the program was a bit jazzy, not my favourite. But the concert was wonderful. It was almost all jazz apart from one Bach (which they also jazzed up but very sympathetically), very high energy and lots of fun. It was like being in a NY jazz den but without the smoke. As a result I was still bouncing around the house at midnight and I woke this morning at 6 still feeling energised.

The Pearl Beach Festival is a little oasis in the wilderness. It reminds me of the local concerts I've been to around Hamburg, held in small churches and even cow stalls (well, a historic cow stall actually). Small intimate space, great musicians, organisers who care.  Long may they continue.

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