Friday, August 10, 2012

Wild weather in Sydney

Wild winds and stormy rain showers have hit Sydney - it is cold, wet and rainy. The apparent  temperature is 3.8C (actually 11C) due to the very strong winds. Rooves are blowing off, there are power outages in some areas and all manner of stuff is blowing in the wind. As I ran out to take the washing off the line I was nearly hit by the top of a very rusty whirlygig that blew off  a neighbouring house.  I hear sirens as I write and am glad it is not me in the ambulance.

I am in Sydney and wondering what is happening up the coast. A woman who lives down the road from my place was on the radio saying that the tin roof of the house next door has just blown off and landed on her roof. Fingers crossed the big gum trees withstand the wind.

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