Saturday, August 18, 2012

Things come in threes ...

The shed roof that was left hanging over the fence by the high winds was taken off last Sunday by the very helpful SES men. They folded it up (it was so rusty it almost fell apart) and put it inside the shed which they straightened and tied down.

I poured myself a glass of wine, congratulated myself on managing the damage and turned my laptop computer on, only to find ... oh dear, the blue screen of death.  I spent endless hours nursing the laptop to life again and then immediately burned my files to a DVD drive ... just as well as the computer updated itself then died once again and now no amount of nursing helps. So it will join the shed on the scrap heap

Then my TV died. I had had it repaired about a year ago so I looked up the documentation to see if it might still be under warranty. I eventually found the invoice (after deciding I really must update my filing system) which showed the TV was mended in September 2011. So that was good .... but before I took it to the repair shop I read the instructions again and discovered that I had been pressing the wrong start button. It still works if you press the right button. How do you forget which button is the start button so suddenly? Maybe I just expected everything to break.

In the meantime I hauled my very old laptop out of a storage box and eventually figured out the password. Then I discovered that it can't read DVD discs. So if I need any of my files I will have to wait until I have a new computer.  Perhaps I may never need them ....

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