Saturday, May 19, 2007


Nice weather from top to bottom of NZ. This is the view from my dining room window. Just to the right of the washing line, tucked away behind the building is an apple tree that no one seems to love. I had noticed it earlier in the year but had forgotten it. Yesterday I rediscovered it with lots of apples on the ground. Apples are cooking on the stove as I write. I cooked some yesterday too and they are delicious.

In the living room-cum-studio paintings are propped against the walls. The sun is pouring through the windows and you can see half an easel ( see post below).

Friday is our life drawing class - we have been drawing on black paper (never my preference) for these last 4 weeks and yesterday we used oil sticks as well as charcoal. The model had a fabulous floppy straw hat.

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Anonymous said...

We think your apple pie sounds yummy, we are coming to try it. A touch a vinegar sauce and ice cream will just go with the white wine.
Mum and Bill

Oh, Mum says your paintings are very ineteresting. She especialy likes the scenery around Central Otago. I like the studies in different background colours. Mum said they look just like what those artist people get lots of money for! So its your shout for the wine as well.
I will take a copy of this web address for home. Bill