Thursday, April 05, 2007

A picture frame mask

Our art class spends a day a week on conceptual projects. About a month ago the 50 first year students were divided into groups of 4 and told that each student should bring a concept from their own personal project and integrate it into a group project. No other instruction was given. Today group projects were presented and I was amazed at the variety and inventiveness. Videos, an audioscape, wearable art and performance art. My group did a performance piece with masks. My mask was a picture frame.

Now we have Easter and time to put into our individual projects. I am in the photography lab and have decided to work on photos of Dunedin buildings, one of the city's assets. Dunedin railway station is the most photographed building in NZ. Opposite it is the less showy Dunedin Prison.
I have decided to manipulate my prints to make a social commentary. This course has made me realise that social commentary/activism inspires me.

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