Sunday, February 18, 2007


Parsifal: Ich schreite kaum doch waehn' ich mich schon weit
(I've scarcely moved, yet I seem to have travelled far.)
Gurnemanz: Du siehst mein Sohn, Zum Raum wird hier die Zeit
(You see my son, here time becomes space.)
(English translation of Parsifal)

In Bayreuth last year, I saw all the operas produced but the production that moved me most was the one that many people hated, Parsifal. People who attended Bayreuth in 2006 from the NSW Wagner Society were asked to talk about their experience, so I talked about Parsifal and one member told me later that I had shown him why he hated it.
"I responded to all the triggers, didn't I," he said.

So here is 'My First Parsifal'.

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