Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Region of Lot

This is the River Lot about an hour north of Toulouse.

I had never been to the south of France and I found it really charming. I can understand the English who are buying houses in the south of France and rennovating them. You hear English spoken alot in shops and cafes.The country roads were virtually empty as the region of Lot (around the River Lot) does not have beaches and is not overrun with tourists. The surrounding villages are also very quiet apart from on market day when local produce is sold from stalls. The local produce is wonderful. I have never tasted such delicious camenbert as is sold there. In fact all the food sold is exceptional. The French certainly live up to their reputation for good food.

This is the village of Le Vert, a collection of about 8 houses including a working farm.

Click here for paintings of the French countryside around Le Vert.

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