Friday, July 21, 2006

Frome in SW England

I am in Frome in SW England. Population 28,000, cute, a large artistic community and currently very warm. Yesterday was the hottest day in England's recorded history. 36.3C at Gatwick I think they said and it was at leat 33C here as well.

The houses are all built of stone with light sandstone facings. They are 2 or 3 stories high and narrow. A bit ike Erskineville really. The pub opposite where I am staying sells beer by the glass or jug. You can take your own glasses (pint or half pint) or jug and get beer to bring home. There are several types of beer, most of them dark honey coloured and all are home brew, not from one of the big beer companies. It is delicious, especially in this heat.

In France beer (a lighter coloured brew) is popular in the mornings. People drink beer in the morning at cafes. I wondered how they stay awake after drinking beer so early in the day, but of course they have a siesta so they dont have to stay awake. How very civilised!

Paintings of Frome

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