Saturday, July 22, 2006

Bach Partitas in Lullington

There is a 12th century church in Lullington near Frome which you reach via small windy roads between the hedgerows. A father and son violinist team played Bach Partitas and Sonatas in this church as part of the Frome Festival. During the intermission everyone went outside into the sunshine and eventually wandered around the back to admire the 12th centuary archway which is apparently one of the best preserved Norman arches around. I think they said it was built in 1121. I always look at very old buildings and imagine the hands that built them that very long time ago.

I am staying with Stina and Des in Frome and Des (pictured with the arch) and I went to the Bach performance. We parked in the next door farmyard with other attendees as the small church parking lot was full.

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