Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Football fever

Football fever. I must have caught it as today I bought myself a football T shirt. It is one with the German colours. It was on sale and I wonder if that says something about the team´s chances! People are driving cars with German flags fluttering on both sides - and the newspapers are discussing whether it is a good idea for Germans to be driving cars with flags on!

Miriam tells me she is pleased to see people here finally enthusing about something.
"They are so quiet normally," she said.

I spent the last few days painting Miriam at the Staatsoper. The singers have been very inclusive and friendly and I almost feel almost like one of the crew. (Well, I would if I could sing.)

Tomorrow I go to the opening of Il Pagliacci to see Miriam sing the role of Nedda, which is the main soprano role. She is also singing in Figaro and I have tickets for several of the nights she is singing over the next week. Today was a good painting day and I finally produced a couple of paintings I like. It always takes a while to gets ones hand in.

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