Sunday, May 21, 2006

For members of this blog

If you are looking at this blog the odds are you have been added to my invited-members list. I have no idea how that works - but I will wait and be surprised when someone registers.

I went to a Wagner Society meeting today and heard some young singers with wonderful voices. Their German lessons are sponsored by the Wagner Society so once a year they come and perform for the members. They also showed a film with Richard Burton playing Richard Wagner. It must have been a TV series I think as it is in 4 installments of an hour each.

How come whenever I sit down at the computer in the evening time collapses and it is suddenly 10pm? Well actually it is 11pm, I just looked at the clock. I wondered why I am so sleepy. I listened to part of Parsifal this evening while reading the libretto. Getting prepared for the real thing. (Yes yes yes.)

Yawn. Have to sleep.

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